R & D strength


Since its establishment劇站, Sixunited Inte煙通lligent has always adh我城ered to the principl人話e of "achieving customers a請哥nd embracing changes&qu白對ot;, continuously tackling k河間ey core technologies an東就d bottleneck technologies in the in月對dustry, laying out disruptive b小對usinesses and future indus短資tries in advance, building six resear明有ch and development centers and對計 four intelligent production 河體bases, and cont事子inuously promoting industri在謝al technological changes with glo街光bal intelligent manufacturing strength刀道 and product compe愛購titive advantages.

Six major R & D cente站朋rs


The six R & D cen公裡ters are Shanghai R & D Center (多村responsible for game notebook, M畫也ini PC, OPS, live 不愛computer, IOT products, 書木etc.),Shenzhen R & D Center(responsible fo金大r x86 laptops, x86 tablets, 站明x86 industrial computers and other bus醫海iness),Suzhou R & D Center(responsible for ga了可ming consoles, AMD雜我 laptops, etc.),ARM R & D Center(responsible for Arm lapto對我ps, Arm tablets, Arm 這場industrial computers and other高吃 business),Liulian R & D Center(responsible for all-in-one com玩房puters, servers, standard boards, domes長高tic chip computers, desktop compu明資ters, etc.),Overseas R & D Center(responsible for AMD gaming 雜人notebook, large custome慢輛r customization and other bu房村siness).

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Four intelligent production bases


The four intelligent production base老女s are respectivelySixunited Songj舞暗iang Industrial Park(equipped with h視開igh-end SMT production line,書數 can provide intelligent hardware得司 products and components of the des鐵雪ign, production, sales, OEM, testing話熱 and other servi為友ces, products involved in automotive el劇習ectronics, industrial c姐民ontrol, medical electr熱刀onics, intelligent equipment and comm裡輛unications industries),Sixunited Huainan Inte月輛lligent Electronic Ter謝吃minal Industrial Park(positioning for the produc了上tion, manufacture and global快時 sales of notebook 來妹computers, motherb新山oards and other products a到為nd core components),Sixunited Supercomputing Termi花會nal Technology In我船dustrial Park(Main server, high-end computer pro司還ducts and other bus報在iness),Sixunited Lingang New Are物議a R & D Center(Main servers, digital parks, 商我etc.).

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competitive advantage

The world's leading supply chain system

The world's leading sup黃得ply chain system

Sixunited Intelligent has a stron新友g industry-wide supply chain mana知湖gement system, forming a cost-effectiv裡南e and highly competitive global mat好路erial supply guara路西ntee system, which can continue to p信些rovide customers with high-q習很uality and innovative product solution微謝s and efficient and s電音table delivery support.

Industry-class design team

Industry-class design team

The proportion of researc購綠h and developmen技有t personnel of Six金拍united Intelligent terminal exceeds 60事什%. It has established six research a好他nd development centers in th雜舞e world, with strong research an拍到d development adv厭信antages and experience. There a子個re 200 kinds of private model product窗你s in the whole seri藍白es, covering X86, ARM and othe在知r platforms, and can民內 provide technical support員小 for customers' diversified c為學ustomization needs.

Intelligent production management system

Intelligent production management sys小草tem

Sixunited Intellige劇錢nt comprehensive introducti站體on of high-end ERP system and 師身MES production system, to creat說下e intelligent, digital, visual pr吧好oduction "intelligent" 商舞management system, greatly shor文說ten the customized cycle, imp光我rove delivery efficienc會上y.

Responsive ODM service

Responsive ODM 費一service

Sixunited Intelligent has established 微通intelligent production bases學南 in Shanghai, Anhui, Hubei a個器nd other places, introduced profess議放ional and technica低內l personnel and core production l秒人ines, built sustainable sc近美ientific and technological innov書可ation strength and strong core compe謝一titiveness, and provided大紅 global customers with 麗們one-stop ODM services with rapid 微年response.

Quality System


Adhering to the principles of green e化得nvironmental protection, safety, ef腦票ficiency, rigorous and standardized, L影腦iulian Intelligent h近身as established rigorous quali視那ty standards and文村 industry-leading quality manag機白ement system, and has p厭低assed a number of quality certif呢亮ications at home and a山空broad to ensure中說 product safety, reliability, and s林吃tability. Meet the quality requ低店irements of high-le錯長vel customers.

After-sales servic微書e


Sixunited Intel技作ligent starts from customer 志民demand, response system, quali林亮ty supervision 用做system, maintenance system, etc., an近紅d continuously improves and optimize相可s the after-sale公服s service system. With high-日身quality service 男購and product supply system, it provide會愛s global customers with better師湖, more complete and mor土化e efficient Consumer electroni內暗cs and Zhilian products and solutio線愛ns.